The World’s Biggest Bottled Water Brand Admits: It’s Just Tap Water

–The largest botled water brand in the world, Aqualina, has finally admitted that the water they sell is exactly the same as the tap water. Accountability International, they have changed their labels to specify P.W.S. — Public Water Source. Despite the fact that this water is purified and filtered, it is basically the same water from the bathroom sink and the toilet bowl. 

“The [bottled water] industry grossed a total of $11.8 billion on those 9.7 billion gallons in 2012, making bottled water about $1.22/gallon nationwide and 300x the cost of a gallon of tap water,” Colas says. “If we take into account the fact that almost 2/3 of all bottled water sales are single 16.9oz (500 mL) bottles, though, this cost is much, much higher: about $7.50 per gallon, according to the American Water Works Association. That’s almost 2,000x the cost of a gallon of tap water and twice the cost of a gallon of regular gasoline.” Full Report In Link. -EH


Trump names Gen. John Kelly to lead Homeland Security

Donald Trump has named Gen. John Kelly to be the next Department of Homeland Security secretary, the transition team announced Monday.  “The American people voted in this election to stop terrorism, take back sovereignty at our borders, and put a stop to political correctness that for too long has dictated our approach to national security. I will tackle those issues with a seriousness of purpose and a deep respect for our laws and Constitution,” Kelly said in a statement. Find More On Kelly’s Response in Link. -EH


Infowars—The globalist left and rogue anti-Trump elements of the CIA have launched a false flag claiming that “Russian hackers,” not the American people, selected Donald Trump as the 45th president.

Disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters, who claimed her private, unsecured e-mail server was never hacked by foreign agents, are now pretending it was the Russians that kept Clinton out of the White House and not the lack of voter enthusiasm for the embattled candidate. But it’s not just your Democrat neighbor making that claim; high-level globalists are pushing the narrative to stop President-elect Trump. Full Report In Link. -EH


Conservative Daily–Hillary Clinton deserves an orange jumpsuit, nothing else. Anyone that can leave Americans to die deserves to rot in hell. Anyone that can leave Americans to fight for 13 hours against hundreds of terrorists without any help should be charged with treason.
–These latest revelations are coming from Col. Andrew Woods, who is claiming that his quick response team was actually in route to the firefight that was taking place at the American compound in Benghazi, when word came from President Obama to turn back, because he would not give the “go-ahead-order” and thus Woods was forced to abandon his comrades. Full Report In Link Below. -EH


–Ever since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that rocked the foundation of the United States, people have been wary of any terrorist activity that goes on. It’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, considering that the terrorist’s main goal is to destroy anything and everything related to the country.

–Sense then, anytime there is a terrorist threat or anything related to that, people immediately get concerned and want action to occur. It’s hard to blame them either. If you discovered that there was an insane group of people out there that wanted to kill you simply because you’re American, wouldn’t you want them gone? Find Full Report In Link. -EH

Sugar Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells, It Actually CREATES Them!

Organic And Heath Reported–Studies have shown that eating sugar can rapidly increase cancer cell growth in the body. We all know the many reasons why sugar is bad for you, increased weight gain, damages teeth etc. but did you know that eating sugar may actually be killing you faster? –Eating too much sugar actively encourages growth of cancer cells. High refined sugar has always been linked to tumour development but new evidence shows it is more explicit than that.

–Cancer cells grow at a rate of 10-12 times more than healthy cells when feeding on sugar. The Positron Emission Tomography is one of the most accurate ways in which we can measure cancer growth. German Otto Warburg, the 1931 Nobel laureate in medicine developed a theory that cancer cells have a different energy metabolism compared to healthy cells, and that glycolysis in malignant tumors is increased compared to healthy cells. Full Report In Link.-EH

Obama PANICKING After Veteran’s Dead Body Found Rotting In VA Hospital… Here’s What We Know

Since president-elect Donald Trump announced his presidency, he has emphasized his commitment to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs calling it “the most corrupt agency” in the country and charging that some veterans are “being treated worse than illegal immigrants.”

The Veterans Administration is a mess, and evidence of abuse and neglect to our nations veterans has been seen in facilities all over the country and President Obama’s neglect is to blame.  Case in point, an internal report blames staffers at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Florida for leaving the body of a deceased veteran to decompose in a shower for nine hours and then tried to cover it up. More On This Story Follow Link. -EH

McDonald’s Finally Admits What’s Inside Their So-Called “Burgers”

Anonymous Reported-Today is a good day, And now you probably ask yourself why? Well, because McDonalds’s finally admits what’s in their burgers. I really think that we’ve all heard rumors about the disgusting things McDonald’s puts into their food, and many of us (including me) think that’s true! From the pink slime to the mechanically separated meat, the fast food restaurant is finally admitting to what’s actually in their food, after mounting skepticism continues to rise. 

“There are varied uses for azodicarbonamide, including in some non-food products, such as yoga mats. As a result, some people have suggested our food contains rubber or plastic, or that the ingredient is unsafe. It’s simply not the case. Think of salt: the salt you use in your food at home is a variation of the salt you may use to de-ice your sidewalk. The same is true of ADA — it can be used in different ways.”  More On Mcdonalds Burgers In Link Below. -EH


MOUNT HOPE, Bronx (WABC) — It was a violent night across New York City, as seven people were shot in just over an hour Sunday night in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Just after 7 p.m., 41-year-old Jose Morales and another man were shot during an argument on the corner of East 175th Street and Weeks Avenue in Mount Hope, the Bronx. A gunman, described as a Hispanic man in his 30s, wearing a black jacket, fled on foot east on Weeks Avenue. Full Report In Link Below. -EH

Let me make myself freaking clear,  this is PERSONAL

–President Obama is on his way out, and he’s directed an investigation into Russian influence in our November 2016 election. Needless to say, Obama didn’t feel it necessary to investigate the Clinton Foundation and the uranium sales to the Russians which benefitted the Kremlin.–The bottom line is that the Hillary Clinton loss in November had nothing to do with the Russians, other than her stupid reset button. The Clinton loss had everything to do with a failed Obama administration and a pathetic presidential candidate who had no message — and actually said she’d continue the failing policies of Obama. Follow the link below for full Report. -EH